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“Behind The Failure Of A Man, There Must Be A Woman.” What A Contradictory Story?

As the saying goes: “Behind the success of a man, there must be a woman,” likewise “Behind the failure of a man, there “should” be a woman”. — this thing is contradictory right? Okay, let get a little clearer. “The best way to succeed is to have your own gut, but when your gut started doubting your beliefs then you’ve got a little lazy, like, you just don’t know what to believe. But trust me, there will always be… Continue Reading →


Upon all the difficulties and challenges, we’re still making a big time shoving the middle fingers. Although it didn’t start that well, having everyone watching over your shoulder, hmm? It’s kind of annoying. But yet, we really push through it. I was at home finding a better way to make myself seem cool in front of my latest girlfriend. (And hey, I don’t want you to go out there telling everyone who I am, that am a womanizer. Well,… Continue Reading →

I Have A Great Future. (Me Washing A Friend Of A Friend’s Car).

As the saying goes . . . “Never look down on great people, because you never know when you could need their help.” Or maybe am the one just making that up? Okay, okay, let get real to each other. “Your life won’t change unless you’re ready for the said change.” Yet we complaint about getting better. Not actually doing the ground work. Believe what you really wanted to believe and think what you really wanted to think, but… Continue Reading →

I Know A Better Way To Succeed . . .

In your natural energy. “You connect to something, and something connected to you. You see it coming, and you always feel happy doing it. You didn’t care much about failing, nor do you care about seem foolish. You really like it, even though it’s not making money. Not because you have nothing else to do, but because you hate doing something else. And for you to stop doing it, mean; you’re giving up your life.” What does that mean?… Continue Reading →

“Me Vs Them” – (The Journey Of An Unbearable Mission).

“I don’t have a ‘PLAN B’. It is either do or die.’ I’ve embarked on this journey of ever finding wisdom. Where I told myself that no matter what happens, I will never ever give up. I know there will always be an obstacle. There will always be something to fight for. But I promised, no matter the situation I found myself, I will never give up. Many people are waiting for my downfall. Some are waiting for me… Continue Reading →

How Are You Talking To Your God?

Your beliefs matter sir. You need to know about your own understanding about faith. And you need to understand your believe about life. “People don’t know what they want until they’re told. And hardly will you ever seen anyone thinking about it. Why in the hell will you tell me what I should do instead of what I really wanted to do?” Your believe is important. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. I know you should listen… Continue Reading →

Not By Sitting Down There Talking About It.

I have a great future. I wanted to live a badass life. I wanted to be a man everybody looks up to. I wanted to be a warrior. But there’s one thing I couldn’t get off my mind, “people hate doing shit.” We all wanted to be better, to be special, and to be this stunningly excellent dude people run to. We all wanted to be a little snowflake almost everyone talking about. And we all wanted to be… Continue Reading →


If you’re not completely in love with that (special) someone then don’t pretend to be. Your life will be a little more lighter if you can go without a conscience burdens. Being in love is different from wanna be in love. And loving that person is actually different from trying to love her. What you’re trying to do is quite different from what you chose to do. And being in a healthy relationship is ultimately different from trying to… Continue Reading →

Why Are We Wasting The Bunch Crazy Shit Of Our Time?

Wasting time is our priority. Instead of allowing ourselves to move on with life, we chose to complain and regret the bunch beautiful shit of our time. We think this just can’t be done easier. Or wait; maybe it gonna go crazier? And hell, it might turn out worse. Incredibly being stupid! I wonder why many people don’t get it. But anyway, I wouldn’t blame them. After all, many of our movement in life are all full of shit…. Continue Reading →

Your Energies Are Working Somewhere ‘Else’ That You Don’t Even Have The Capacities To Control.

What is making money? Making money is the ability to make money, either by working for somebody else or working four yourself. And it doesn’t matter how much you earn, all it matter is if you’re really up to making money. How do I know? I know because I really know, what a fuckup story? Alright, alright. Let be realistic. Many of your difficulties wouldn’t be that much of a challenge if you really did what you were meant… Continue Reading →


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